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The new United truck debut

Recently, U you enjoy, V Lee full - joint truck port traction car listing and new U department meeting held in Shenzhen. New released United truck line V product pricing in 25 million, 35 million range, new U series heavy truck product positioning high-end models, price range between 35 million to 40 million yuan. The event was crowded hot atmosphere, it is reported that, on the day of signing the volume of more than 500 taiwan.
It is understood that the new U is a joint product of the new U truck 2015 lightweight tractor car advanced models, suitable for domestic 1000 kilometers and above high-speed target logistics customers.
The new U system uses the main, deputy big oil tank layout, so that the fuel volume of 800L. At the same time, the new U products more advanced technology to achieve the 1000L's large capacity cylinder loading. V port car by Yuchai 6L and power 6K series engine. The engine is a large domestic reserves, accessories and easy to buy models, can save maintenance costs, improve operational efficiency. Provide customized V platform vehicle market segments containing perfect after-sale, spare parts, financing, technical services, training and other facilities, including a set of transportation overall solution, the better and more appropriate for customer service.