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Joint truck: the new product is widely expanded to market confidence

April 16, 2015, the theme of U you enjoy, V Lee full joint truck port traction car listing and new U department meeting held in Shenzhen Vanke Conference Center. The new U system and the Department of V products released at the same time, the activity of the scene is to reach 557 units. We have the honor of the event with the joint truck related leadership exchanges, the following is the main content of the interview:
Reporter: Joint truck delivery volume of 6000 units last year, the new U department and V Department of the market target is how much the joint truck sales target of 15 years?
Joint truck: the new U system is the upgrade of the original U system, is to cover and replace the original U system. 2015 sales of the new U system is planned for 2000 units, V system is 1200 units. This year the market will be roughly the first low, after mid March the number of trucks running across the high-speed road is obviously increased, so we are optimistic about the sales market.
Although the first quarter overall sales of heavy truck market situation is not good, according to the judgment of the market we formulate the good coping measures. Because from the beginning of April, the car market environment is going well to the direction of development, other manufacturers have felt the warmer of the market, so we have more confidence in the sales target of ten thousand units.

Reporter: the new product listing of the joint truck product pricing is what is the meaning?
United truck: our pricing is combined with competing products terminal price, to return to normal behavior of the cycle, the peer market to develop, at present than their counterparts take a slightly higher price level, not deliberately said lift worth, but we think that the value of the product is much higher than the price we saw. We think the key is to see the product can bring to the user what value experience. The value of a vehicle is not only reflected in the configuration, more reflected in the details of the technical level, the match degree of vehicle dynamics and, giving the customers to use the experience will be different. So we are very confident about this price..
Reporter: Joint truck in the natural gas market performance is good, this year will still be the focus of the development of clean energy vehicles this?
Combined with the truck: United truck do natural gas trucks, which has always been our core product strategy, we are only to natural gas trucks as a product of the core strategy of enterprise, so in the promotion of this product will has some special policies.
We will always insist on doing clean energy, may you will see now our domestic new energy vehicle price for a long time may Xiabu Lai, why should we force in this? We're optimistic about its emissions. We are so concerned about air pollution, we should do such a thing to egoism. For the road to the new energy vehicle development, we will unswervingly go on.
The development of new energy vehicles need long-term investment, will have greater pressure on enterprise technical requirements and funding requirements, but we are new enterprises, more thinking in the automotive industry to make more and more energy saving. As the technology matures, we believe that new energy vehicles will slowly occupy China's truck market..

 Reporter: the truck market is gradually thin differentiation trend of development in the sub segment of the market area of joint trucks have what plan?

Combined with the truck: we will according to the strategy of the company will continue to launch new products, in addition to the few areas of coal, logistics, port, the company planning and market segments. We will build a first-class domestic car system, such as mixing car, fire engine, passenger car, we will gradually develop and promote natural advantages.
Modified vehicles, natural gas vehicles, airport equipment, these are we can develop the market resources, the group is also optimistic about the direction and trend. We have our own logistics, the core resources and the advantage of other vehicle manufacturers did not.
Truck house: Joint truck in the car networking intelligent services which initiatives?

Combined with the truck: in vehicle we have in using the "joint", also have is mobile app, client to download the app, can realize seamless docking with the dealers and after-sales service, spare parts and other departments, but also with our customer personnel online communication, app has been in March of this year on the line, micro channel platform also in the design, in August of this year put into use. While the joint truck will release the price of spare parts information in APP, so that consumer prices more open, more transparent, which will more access to the user's dependence and support.
According to the scene to understand the news last year second half of CIMC holdings United truck after, in the industry supporting resources, management and personnel management provides a lot of support. In the large market orders, aviation, overseas customers, etc. are the group for many years of partnerships, to bring good orders for joint trucks.