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Shanghai auto show: Dongfeng commercial vehicle dozen trust warmth brand

Like the hands of the electrician multimeter, woodworking plane as the hands of users, hope it is easy to use, durable,. Commercial vehicles as well, the owners want to buy a car can earn money, both hope that the car is worth trust.
On April 20, the opening of the Shanghai auto show, Dongfeng commercial vehicle show on the stage, in addition to wearing a yellow vest Dongfeng Tianlong flagship version outside, the most striking Mo too booth on the four sentence sincere words "trust our technology, our sales network trust, our customer trust, trust we're building for the future". Provide a trust, is the real value of the product behind the commercial vehicle.

Today's commercial vehicle market, has from the single sales front for steering integrated service capabilities of the competition, not only in pre-sales and after-sales aspects of test manufacturer's sales and service network, more need for commercial vehicle enterprises to provide users with a full set of solutions. This requires that the enterprise fundamentally change their own commercial vehicle business ideas, transformed into transport service provider positioning.
The Shanghai auto show, Dongfeng commercial vehicle proposed four trust, it is from many aspects of the interpretation of the transport service provider's own positioning. Reliable technical guarantee product quality, reliable sales service of network security efforts, can trust of customer service for customers solve the worries, and can rely on the construction of the future beckons the future of Dongfeng, also gives the user confidence in the future.
2014, it can be said Dongfeng commercial vehicles towards the first year of the international. Hanover debut yellow glazed, "Dongfeng" Sanya atop, a and a in the international arena wonderful debut, for future in the overseas market further development laid the foundation.
At the same time, with the Volvo Group cooperation, have introduced more advanced products and technology to realize the manual gearbox domestic floor, from another side illustrates the Dongfeng commercial vehicle production technology is trustworthy.

It is understood, the next 10 years, Dongfeng commercial vehicle will implement the following three key steps: one is to strengthen the core competitiveness strategy of Dongfeng commercial vehicle of the whole value chain, is committed to the development of the world, including the independent R & D capability, competitive goods platform, strengthen the management of benchmarking global manufacturing volvo group learning, to create the world supply chain system; the two is for the domestic and two overseas markets, to create the world's recognized and respected brand; three is the further development of the new company sustainable profitability, the company's profit model from the main rely on domestic truck delivery to two domestic and overseas market, extending from the truck sales to key assembly and after market field. In the process of implementing the strategic objectives, and the Volvo Group together the strategic synergy to carry out, including vehicle business, powertrain, global sourcing, manufacturing, overseas market, after market and the global best practices in areas such as a full range of cooperation.
Knowing and doing is hard and easy.. Since ancient times the controversy. Perhaps some would say that the slogan and the reality is a gap. Admittedly, execution is the key. Today, Dongfeng commercial vehicle shouted "trustworthy" slogan, it is time to test the "trust" action.