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win-win situation, this is the natural gas power - Cummins common choice, for the US China clean energy cooperation to a

April 2015, by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce Pritzker lady, Department of energy executive vice minister of Sherwood Randall, led by Lady American president on behalf of the trade delegation to promote the Sino US cooperation in clean energy, energy conservation, environmental protection and other fields, and promote more American products, technologies and services to enter the Chinese market. As a clean energy, energy conservation and environmental protection an important achievement of cooperation, equipment, Cummins natural gas powered buses for the first time at the U. S. Consulate General in Guangzhou debut, Cummins and Guangzhou first bus (hereinafter referred to as the FAW bus) cooperation by delegation paid special attention to.
Witness and glory: for us China clean energy cooperation to add new
On the afternoon of April 17, 2015, Cummins and FAW bus strategic cooperation memorandum signing ceremony held at the U. S. Consulate General in Guangzhou, Cummins Asia natural gas engine business and business of Chinese passenger car general manager Liu and Guangzhou first bus (hereinafter referred to as the FAW bus) chairman and general manager Zhang Weixiong, respectively, on behalf of their respective enterprises signed a strategic cooperation memorandum. In a brief scene exchange, both sides expressed in clean energy bus technology application and development will be further cooperation for Guangzhou and even wider area to the south of green traffic to add new vitality.
The signing of the exchange event is the president of the trade delegation of the important part of the Guangzhou Railway Station, Ms. Pritzker, Ms. Randall Sherwood, as well as the United States Consul General in Guangzhou to witness the scene. Members of the delegation on-site experience of the gas bus, and the development of clean energy natural gas passenger car in China, said marvel. Previously, the presidential trade delegation to get the meeting of Premier Li Keqiang of the State Council.

  Premier Li Keqiang in the Great Hall of the people in Beijing met with U.S. President on behalf of the Minister of Commerce Pritzker

The signing ceremony, Prez G: support to speak to clean energy and environmental sustainable development for the purpose of trade is appreciated. She bluntly: This is something really exciting thing, Cummings is the world's leading engine manufacturers, and Guangzhou FAW bus is also world-class passenger transport company. The 'combination' between the two is another historic moment of the Sino US cooperation. This is a complementary business communication, the model is also a clean energy cooperation, such cooperation to FAW bus, Cummins, the people of Guangzhou and the Guangzhou environment will be a winner, and win-win is the cornerstone of Sino US cooperation. "
Pritzker finally said, hope this cooperation just a start and look forward to the cooperation for the president's trade delegation brought more success stories. "Win-win, win-win, win-win, this is the common choice." Pritzker said of the cooperation model.

  Pritzker and Sherwood Randall witness Cummins and Guangzhou FAW bus signed a strategic cooperation memorandum

Need energy environmental protection: air pollution press, natural gas engine "will become the protagonist"
Air pollution in China has become an unavoidable problem, how to face, how to become every one and the relevant enterprise should consider the problem. At present, China is vigorously expanding the use of clean energy, especially natural gas energy, with the continuous improvement of infrastructure, natural gas and natural gas engine's demand for large increase. Cummins entered the Chinese market for 40 years, has been committed to the most advanced product platform and product concept into China, also Cummins is the first natural gas engine to Chinese enterprises, all this are for this cooperation brought feasibility.
"Innovation, innovation, and innovation!" Cummins vice president and chief technology officer of Huaqiang so described the Cummins and FAW bus cooperation, he said: "the core value of Cummins Inc., is to promote friendship between environment and. All along, Cummings has been hoping to provide better products and technology to serve the community and protect the environment. The cooperation with the FAW bus is a very perfect combination, Cummings for the FAW bus to provide gas engine, and provide enough service to support the normal operation of the engine. Hope that cooperation can continue, but also hope that the protection of the environment and cooperation between the two can be booming."

  American consulate, Guangzhou Cummins, FAW bus company representatives to witness the environmental protection of natural gas vehicles put into use

FAW bus choice: Cummings choice, the most advanced energy-saving emission reduction technology platform
In early 2008, FAW bus imported 96 sets of Cummins engine assembly bus. Over the years, the FAW bus emissions from the country two, Kunimi, country four, until now the country five standards, and standards continue to upgrade. At present, the FAW bus of the new energy vehicles has nearly 5000. Cummings again with the first batch of 60 natural gas engine, the future of this size will continue to expand.
Why choose cooperation with Cummins? Zhang Weixiong gives explanation: "in recent years, FAW bus has been shouldering the social responsibility of environmental protection and energy saving, the use of environmentally friendly products to continue to explore. Application of new alternative energy sources, technology research and development, new product is never-ending, and our assessment, these technologies and products is one of the most important standard is the environmental contribution degree have much? Cummins 40 years in China, its wealth of experience and innovative technology can according to different requirements to us to provide the most appropriate engine products, this is in line with the US. "
It is understood that this cooperation with Cummings natural gas engine, is currently the world's equivalent emissions of the most advanced clean engine. At present, most of China is the implementation of the country four, while Cummings's gas engine can meet the European five standards. In the implementation of the European five standard area, Cummings this engine is the most advanced. In addition, Cummings also has part of the European six engine products in some of the more stringent emissions standards region run.
Cummings commitment: treasure and FAW bus cooperation opportunities, the layout of the next day gas market
For cooperation with the FAW bus, Cummings also very much attention and treasure. Huaqiang said: "now public transport enterprises in many countries of the world are in the research of Guangzhou public transport system, because the Guangzhou bus is recognized worldwide as a very efficient public transportation system, even in Beijing and Shanghai have a lot to learn from Guangzhou. Therefore, for the possession of such a bus vehicle in Guangzhou is very large and efficient operation, the introduction of cleaner and environmentally friendly engine, very large. We appreciate the opportunity to the cooperation with FAW bus, Guangzhou service bus of the natural gas engine is one of the most clean products can meet the emission standards in five, significantly reduce carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions. "
At present, China for clean energy especially the use of natural gas power demand continues to expand, the future market is limitless. For this situation, Cummings also made the full preparation. Cummins global vice president, China chief technology officer Li Xin Peng, said: "at present, Cummins has opened a natural gas engine localization strategy, hope to achieve" the quality of imported machines, domestic prices and services' goal, better service China's green traffic. At present, Cummins has two domestic natural gas engine: L8.9G B6.7G, covering 8 - 12 meters of various models, the capacity can meet the demand of the China passenger car market. "