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Build global supply chain system Dongfeng commercial vehicle release a new international strategy

In April 20th, Dongfeng commercial vehicle held the opening ceremony at the Shanghai international auto show released. Company to carry its main vehicle products Tianlong flagship, Dongfeng Denon, Hercules Dongfeng, Dongfeng days Kam, Dongfeng Town bus and represents the dynamic assembly Shanghai International Auto Show debut.
In the exhibition of the 5 models, the Dragon flagship is the Dongfeng commercial vehicle independently developed and efficient long-distance logistics transportation car. The model of the stylish atmosphere, high driving comfort. At the same time, Tianlong flagship is also equipped with a configuration of air suspension, disc brake, electronic braking system, electronic stability control, engine brake and retarder and vehicle network architecture advanced technology. According to Dongfeng commercial vehicle related staff, dragon flagship since the listing 9 years, sales of a total of 500000, the market share in the industry first.
According to understanding, Dongfeng Town bus is Dongfeng in Dongfeng commercial vehicle in bus chassis a strong R & D capabilities based on development of new platform vehicle, the vehicle comfort and reliability, is an important representative of a new generation of urban and rural bus models. In addition, the Dongfeng days brocade in the appearance has also been upgraded, coupled with the advantage of the east wind in the card advantage, after the listing will soon become a benchmark in the value of the card industry.
It is worth mentioning that the engine of Dongfeng commercial vehicle exhibitors is based on the new platform developed four cylinder engine, with high reliability and high fuel economy. The gearbox is imported from the Volvo Group with an advanced technology level of 14 transmission gearbox. Dongfeng commercial vehicle company general manager Huanggang said this gearbox is one of Dongfeng commercial vehicle with the Volvo Group cooperation resource synergy results, Volvo gearbox in Europe in the leading position, and Volvo cooperation will enhance the technical level of Dongfeng commercial vehicle truck transmissions. He said the gearbox will be the end of the year to achieve production.
In the commitment to lead in China, lead the industry and health development, Dongfeng commercial vehicle out of the pace has never stopped. Huang Gang described the company's future strategic objectives in the opening ceremony of Dongfeng commercial vehicle. He said, the next 10 years, Dongfeng commercial vehicle will achieve the following three key steps: one is to strengthen the core competitiveness strategy of Dongfeng commercial vehicle of the whole value chain, is committed to the development of the world, including the independent R & D capability, competitive goods platform, strengthen the Volvo Group's global manufacturing benchmarking study, to create a global supply chain system; two is for the two domestic and overseas market, to create the world's recognized and respected brand; three is the further development of the new company sustainable profitability, the company's profit model from the main rely on domestic truck to pay two to expand domestic and overseas market, extending from the truck sales to key assembly and market.
Commercial vehicles since 2014, has entered a period of sustained negative growth downturn. The development situation of commercial vehicles in 2015, Huanggang believes that the future of commercial vehicle development will continue to show the development of the new normal, Dongfeng commercial vehicle will continue to seize market opportunities brought about by the yellow car replacement, efforts to increase market share. In addition, the service, the company will continue to improve service quality, help users improve transportation efficiency, reduce the use of cost throughout the life cycle.