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Weichai Shaanxi Auto heavy truck industry work together to maintain the growth rate of the first

May 1, to "join hands with the progress and win 2015" as the theme of Weifang, Shaanxi Auto coordinated mobilization will be held in Xi'an, Weifang Diesel Executive CEO Zhang Quan, Vice President Feng Gang and other leaders, Shaanxi Automobile Holdings general manager Yuan Wang Ming, deputy general manager of Shaanxi Heavy Duty Truck wear first tree, Xi Liu Bin, insurance branch in Beijing, Zhou Chongyi, Zhou silver towards, 王春松 other leaders, deputy general manager of Fast Group Liu Yi, Assistant General Manager Luan Xu, general manager Wang Zhan toward Hande Axle, Weifang power related departments attended the meeting Office, truck marketing manager, business manager, and Shaanxi Heavy Duty Truck related departments, offices, director of sales and service representatives.
The aim of this conference: In the "new normal" economic and "strong competition" market trends by analyzing market potential and opportunities, the integration of industry resources, continued to maintain the growth rate of Shaanxi Auto heavy truck industry first goal.
At the meeting, Weichai issues mobilization orders executed CEO Zhang Quan, Zhang highlight some three points: 1, to speed up the adjustment of product structure to meet the development needs of enterprises under the new situation; 2, understand the situation, strengthen confidence and meet the challenges ; 3, change thinking, innovative models, to respond to new market opportunities. Zhang Zongjiang notes: challenges present new opportunities, new opportunities for achievement of the dream, I hope you unify thinking, understanding, unity of action, unity, cooperation and make joint efforts to create enterprise brilliant tomorrow.
Vice president and general manager of Shaanxi heavy truck sales company Zhou silver towards the first heavy-duty truck industry situation and marketing strategy made a report under this macro. Then Zhou said that full unity of thinking, unified planning, unified action to maximize resources, to play the Group's overall strength; to dare to play, dare to act, on the chin, Hold your head up, Student Groups; at the same time according to different the competitive environment, the courage to start, dare Sword; determined to do a good job, gold chain collaboration; highly synergistic to the service, giving priority to solve customer problems.
Weichai Feng Gang, vice president of emphasis: Challenges, Opportunities, how to seize the opportunities, challenges and impact of the macroeconomic situation is a challenge to bring the entire industry, the opportunities are Weichai four-valve engine is intended for Shaanxi Auto, lower fuel consumption, stronger power; gold chain to work together to win the battle.
In recent years, Shaanxi Auto capital as the link members best gold chain integration resources, joint development, and create a miracle Shaanxi Auto market has laid a solid foundation for the realization of international goals Weichai. With the continuous development of industrial innovation and technology, gold chain members to achieve a comprehensive overall technology across China represents the most advanced commercial vehicle technology, many technology at the international advanced level.
The biggest highlight of the conference is, Shaanxi Auto heavy truck Weichai Power + + Fast + Hand "gold partner" Chariot was officially launched to the market in order to highlight the Shaanxi Auto vehicle as a leader, always become Weichai Power core competitive differentiation. At the meeting, Weichai Power, Shaanxi Auto were interpret on product plans and product strategies, service plans and market offensive and overall outreach programs. And matters of mutual collaboration for a comprehensive national office to communicate specific ideas and plans to establish a comprehensive bilateral collaboration.
Yuan Hongming, general manager of Shaanxi Automobile Holding stressed: Shaanxi Auto represents the industry-leading technology, the rapid development of Shaanxi Auto is technological progress, Shaanxi Auto is brought together with the chain, no progress would not have today's technology Shaanxi Auto. "Keep One" The goal is to keep the growth rate of Shaanxi Auto heavy truck industry first. Yuan General requirements: 1, the high degree of integration strategy, thinking highly uniform, highly consistent action; 2, the target must be unified, namely Shaanxi Auto's market share increased by 2%; 3, to concentrate on the focus on customer needs, concerns products, looking for differences needs, creating value for customers with products and services.
Weichai Executive CEO Zhang Quan made a concluding statement, stressing the sales team to have loyalty, passion, sustained enthusiasm for the business, but also with a system, the sense of mission and responsibility. The core competitiveness of enterprises, is the ability to understand and to speed the conversion of the enterprise to customer needs, different understanding of customer needs, determine the difference. The engine is a very important difference between commercial advantages, Weifang and Shaanxi Auto is the industry leader in vertically integrated, Weichai Shaanxi Auto and come together to face the challenges together, created a brilliant, also had the honor of sharing, this collaboration mobilization, our knowledge and ideas than any previous unity, we will certainly get a better score than any.
2015, destined to be a year, heavy truck Weichai Group will give the power of the heavy truck industry structure changes and Shaanxi Auto, customer-focused, product + service + to promote the full integration as a means of comprehensive cooperation, joint promotion of win The new campaign, go all out and open a new era Weichai Shaanxi Auto synergy. Let us join hands with the progress and win 2015! Shaanqi Keep One!