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Improve service capabilities built Foton Cummins Technical Support Center in Chengdu

May spring and summer, in the beautiful land of abundance Chengdu, accompanied by festive rumbling drums, Foton Cummins Chengdu Technical Support Center was officially inaugurated. The resource center fully utilize the services of Cummins Distribution Division in the southwestern region has been built up, and Cummins Chengdu Branch interconnection together to provide outstanding support to Cummins ISF light and heavy duty engine users ISG southwest region. General Manager of Cummins China Distribution Division Yangshu Liang, deputy general manager of Foton Cummins Engine Company to wear loose leadership and Cummins Chongqing Higher Regional key distributors, large customers on behalf of a total of 50 people invited to attend the inauguration.

提高服务能力 福康成都建技术支持中心

With Cummins ISF and ISG engine in the terminal market holdings rising, how to better provide customers counterparts to support and further improve service response speed become the focus of Cummins and Foton Cummins joint venture of common concern. Foton Cummins completed technical center in Chengdu is the part of a series of superior customer support program, will provide better Cummins ISF and ISG engine users to efficiently excellent, fast and professional technical support.

提高服务能力 福康成都建技术支持中心

Foton Cummins Chengdu technical support center can provide users with: light heavy engine overhaul; service and technical support; training of dealers and customers in the region; parts support; market pull and other support services. I believe these services will rapidly enhance and support service capabilities counterparts for Cummins ISF and ISG users, to meet our customers' needs.