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Auman GTL "left and right Cummins Mercedes" show strength

Recently, Foton Daimler to bring the two products at the Shanghai Motor Show: one is equipped with Cummins' whole new generation G series "ISG heavy-duty engines Super Auman GTL edition; another is equipped with Mercedes - Benz family "Star Power" OM457 Mercedes-Benz heavy-duty engine Auman GTL version. "Left and right Mercedes Cummins," Fukuda 戴姆勒欧曼 GTL technology upgrade to the latest "interesting" products continued to lead the high-end heavy truck market.
The auto show Auman GTL Super version, equipped with ISG Cummins heavy-duty engines, the use of ultra-high pressure of 2000 bar injection and LBSC intelligent speed control technology, one hundred kilometers fuel economy of 2 to 3 liters; with iBrake engine braking power than conventional cylinder 50% increase in the brake. Meanwhile, the Super version with Cummins nano patented fuel filter, oil filter maintenance achieve 100,000 kilometers long.
Auman GTL version fitted with Mercedes-Benz Actors with the OM457 heavy-duty engine platform. Benz edition Meet the Euro Ⅳ, Ⅴ emission standards, minimum fuel consumption can reach 182g / kWh, while having a low speed high torque characteristics, climbing without downshift, making driving safer, more reliable, dynamic throttle response system can driver throttle control instantly improve the output torque, started fast, climbing fast, overtaking fast, so as to effectively meet users high attendance, long-life, low-cost needs.