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Shiyan Dongfeng Volvo marriage first new car off the assembly line after three years to build has 68 Improved

  Recently, the Dongfeng sail version in the "Chinese dragon" and "gather round" next to Guangzhou, Foshan officially listed. Dongfeng Dongfeng Group and sail edition Volvo Group to build a strategic alliance established after Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. launched the first new products. . "We were 68 improvement projects, the establishment of eight activities of the group, through three years of efforts to create a comprehensive upgrade of Dongfeng sailing version of" Minister of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Company superb marketing, said: "This is a more efficient, more economical, more secure, more comfortable and efficient long-haul tractor. "


  Sail edition standard price is 337,800 yuan. Because trust the quality of products, set sail from the original version of the warranty period of 24 months 200,000 km, extending to 36 months 300,000 km. In addition, users can also enjoy the great scene of the benefits policy. Site full amount car users, can be a gift free maintenance 200,000 engines. Prepayments car users this month, 120,000 km engine enjoy free maintenance. Registration purchase intent, two months of car users to enjoy 80,000 km free maintenance of the engine.

Dongfeng old user Foshan City trucking company ordered five sail-site version. As of 5:00 pm sailing Edition site orders Dongfeng 90, gratifying results.
It so happened, China, Dongfeng sail edition sparkling debut abroad, "Dongfeng" accelerated pilot. Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. exclusive title "Dongfeng" won the Volvo Ocean Race 2014-2015 session of the sixth stage.
● site users alike
"We have a total of more than 80 vehicles, including Dongfeng car has more than 40 vehicles, more than 10 cars a year procurement plan, all dubbed intends Dongfeng car." Fujian Chen Hui Container Transport Company Ltd.  of "commercial Automotive News "reporter, said:." Denon fuel-efficient, durable, and less small problems, circuit, circuit rarely question a few days ago in fact, I just got finished five Dongfeng car, then set sail version not listed, recently, I intend to buy five sail Edition. "
"Dongfeng Tractor outstanding fuel economy, high attendance, low operating costs, the advantage is obvious, is a recommended a good car." Site just finished an order of user Master Liu told reporters.


 ● carefully build a comprehensive upgrade

Dongfeng listed nine years, total sales exceeded 50 million units, market share stable industry first. In order to maintain its leading position, since the beginning of 2012, Dongfeng company organized a professional and technical personnel, has multiple batches in-depth market line, collect and organize a large number of market performance and market demand tractor, only to create a sail Dongfeng version.
Let me talk about security. In the body, using a windshield, rearview mirror combination of a large area of science, and completely eliminates the visual blind spot, mirrors with defrosting, defogging electric heating device, and the first in Europe to adopt high safety standards the strength of the body. Braking safety, the use of the press cylinder control, high brake pressure nearly 10bar, the industry generally about 8bar, oil and water separation and air using a desiccant security system to improve the desiccant life. With a compression braking power, it is a major weapon Dongfeng.


  Then efficiency. Three assembly scientific partner to ensure strong power output; advanced manufacturing assembly process, different road transport to ensure fast and efficient, highly reliable components, Dongfeng engine life of one million kilometers. Maintenance-free battery, maintenance-free wheels, ensure higher attendance frequency.


  Next came the economy, competition of modern logistics enterprises are more competitive, cost reduction has become an important factor in the industry to improve earnings, excellent match Dongfeng vehicle performance, to achieve a high transmission efficiency ultra-low drag coefficient of 0.535, in addition, matching the fuel champion Dci engine deliver the lowest fuel consumption, lowest can reach 187gkw / h.

Finally comfort. Ergonomic extreme spaciousness and quietness excellent soundproofing With cab suspension airbags, all reflect the Denon sail version of human design. Create a mobile Denon hotel.