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Shaanxi Auto advance Zhejiang market

  May 16 --17 days, Shaanxi heavy truck sales company offices in Ningbo joint Weichai Power, Fast and other "gold partner" members of the unit, to expand the base in Ningbo Cixi held Shanxi Heavy Truck Zhejiang region in the second quarter analysis communication channels cum marketing League second meeting. Shaanxi heavy truck sales company offices in Ningbo main 任熊伟 Weichai Duan Jun, director of the Office of Zhejiang, Shaanxi Fast Zhejiang and Shanghai office sales manager of the Tao, the Minister of Deutsche Bank Asset Management Co., lease financing and regional distribution Ningbo Zhao Xiaoyang , service providers, tuning and other 80 people attended the meeting.

Outward Bound win-win cooperation

  Depth coupling joint development of Zhejiang, Shaanxi Auto Alliance goal is the same fight the market

Channels of communication will be carried out before the outdoor training. Participants were divided into four teams, distributors, service providers, tuning, industrial chain. Three feet by two, clip the ball, invincible Hot Wheels train, tug of war, post pass book and other projects, to overcome their own psychological barriers, concentric with the counterparts, has successfully completed a seemingly "impossible" subject, distributors, service providers originally competition into cooperation, unity of purpose, tuning, teamwork chain enhancement through training, we deeply realize that "nothing is impossible, but not found a way yet," the reason, enhance mutual understanding and cultivate a team spirit, we came to realize the strength of the team as a whole, and the power of collaboration with the respect and trust of strength, enhance solidarity, friendship and solidarity for the future to create a regional sales market in Ningbo a new situation.
Analysis of communication will target consistent fight the market
Channels of communication at the meeting, Shaanxi heavy truck sales company offices in Ningbo main preliminary work done on a comprehensive summary of recent operations Shaanxi Auto, marketing and services, and other related work have been briefed, and current market Changes made analysis, the continued downturn in the market environment, the market trends and national macroeconomic policies combined, seize market opportunities, "Marine Silk Road" construction, fast respond actively to buck the trend; the Delong X3000 products as a key product in Ningbo area Expand large scale, to enhance the product in the Ningbo market share; the next step, each channel of the key areas and key models to focus on making key breakthroughs, the face of increasingly fierce market competition , the channel must continue to maintain high morale and innovation, to face the challenge, to play a "gold partner" of the coupling strengths, do not give up in any possible market opportunities.

  Depth coupling joint development of Zhejiang, Shaanxi Auto Alliance goal is the same fight the market

Duan Jun, director of the Office of Zhejiang Weichai stressed the need to give full play to the "gold partner" advantage, Shaanxi Auto heavy truck products to enhance competitiveness, to mobilize all their resources to co-Shaanxi Auto, fully carry out marketing and promotion work for the regional market in Zhejiang leading to lay the foundation. Then, as we explain the recent action KO, KO actions described in detail the specific details, and distributors, service providers to do the appropriate work.

  Depth coupling joint development of Zhejiang, Shaanxi Auto Alliance goal is the same fight the market

Minister of Finance Leasing Co., Deutsche Bank Asset Management  were explained to the participants and after the financial markets, so that we fully understand the "Product + Services" service-oriented manufacturing concept, more attention to the whole process of customer operations, providing customers with total solutions, inject new impetus to the regional channels in Zhejiang.
To increase the X3000's sales efforts, marketing specialist offices in Ningbo Song Chao Shaanxi Auto dealers, service providers to explain the X3000 promotion policy, meanwhile, conducted a signing ceremony Shaanxi Automobile Delong X3000 second quarter sales target.
League general work together - to achieve new breakthroughs
Another important element of the meeting is to convene regional marketing Zhejiang League second meeting. Chen Chunming, president of the League next term work summarized, and certainly the League made in the next work performance, but also pointed out that the term of the lack of work and announced in accordance with the League charter, general election. After the fair, just and open elections, final election of Hong Hong, general manager of Hangzhou Motor Sales Co., Ltd. Chen Chunming re-elected president, general manager of the Automotive Sales Co., Ltd. Ningbo new era in public transport Xijun and Ningbo Co., Ltd. Shaanxi Auto car built special service station Tong Zhiping as vice president. Weichai Duan Jun, Deutsche Bank Leasing Zhao Xiaoyang, Shaanxi Auto Ningbo Office for the president and vice president Xiong awarded a plaque and letter of appointment.
In order to further improve the Zhejiang region of Shaanxi Auto Services, League Secretary-General to work, set up a service manager Wang Peng was responsible for the "expert committee service", while employing Tong Zhiping, Yuanzhuan Liang, Zhang Ye Jun, SUN Ye good four service expert committee.
Common League secretary-general, second president, Weifang, director, Deutsche Leasing as "win-win cooperation Shaanxi Auto Marketing Alliance Convention" for the opening ceremony, all members of the convention were a sign to indicate compliance with the provisions of the Convention. Meanwhile, a quarter of outstanding sales and service performance units and individuals were commended by the recognition unit also experiences to share.
League Secretary-General Chen Chunming, the new level, said: "With this platform to further strengthen cooperation with tuner, provide the best products for the Zhejiang region Shaanqi user, the best service at the same time, joint regional industrial chain, sales and service channels. To achieve synergy, providing customers with the best products and services to match the overall solutions to help customers get the most success, while consolidating resources, unite the people and boost morale, the release of passion, in-depth understanding of user needs, contrarian, achieve Shaanxi Auto heavy truck market in Zhejiang region Breakthrough. "