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Fast 8 mainstream products unveiled Beijing Bus Exhibition

  May 11, 2015 --13 days, the annual passenger car event held at the Beijing National Convention Center, "2015 Beijing International Road transport, urban public transport vehicles and spare parts exhibition" to "new energy, passenger development opportunities and challenges "as the theme, focus the latest trends in today's world of bus technology development, showcasing the new energy and energy saving technology-related bus and parts.


  Fast at Beijing Bus Exhibition

Fast bus carrying eight transmission, retarder, clutches and other mainstream products debut event. In the field of passenger cars, a variety of independent research and DS series Fast bus transmissions, which 5DS50T and other fuel-efficient transmission mainly aimed at medium and small bus products; 6DS100T other variety of lightweight aluminum alloy casing of the transmission is great for city buses, luxury bus tailored for replacement passenger car market provides the latest optimization. DS series bus transmission products have advantages of cost control, and high-quality research and development team and quality assurance system, as well as passenger, truck leveraging each other, the simultaneous development of a large service system, to achieve economies of scale in Fast bus transmission field, series , comprehensive, high-quality development has laid a solid foundation. With its brand advantages in performance, quality, price and service system in four areas, DS series transmission products have been successfully supporting more than 330 kinds of models batch Yutong Bus, Jinlong Suzhou, Xiamen Golden Dragon Bus, dozens of plants.
It is reported that, "2015 Beijing International Road transport, urban public transport vehicles and parts Exhibition" by the Research Institute of the Ministry of Transport, China Highway and Transportation Society Bus branch, China Road Transport Association and CCPIT Beijing Urban Passenger Transport Branch, Beijing Hua Yun Transportation Technology Exhibition Development Center and other organizations to co-host, Busworld co.