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Indiana governor visited the United States together to build a clean energy Foton Cummins Power

  According to Xiao Bian understood, May 13, Foton welcomed a special guest - Cummins location • Indiana Gov. Mike Burns. • Mike Burns visited the zero emission, non-contact, automated, intelligent global model factory Beijing Foton Cummins Engine Co. engine plant, and on Foton Motor Group and Cummins cooperation with Foton Motor, General Manager Wang Jinyu depth discussion and exchange. Foton Cummins win-win cooperation is the new paradigm of Sino-US clean energy cooperation. Mike said, "Fukuda Cummins automobiles and cooperation is not only cooperation between the two companies, but the two countries in economic and trade cooperation crystallize in global advocacy under the green concept, Foton Cummins to maintain good growth in China and the global market momentum, and it can be expected that there is more room for development. "


  Year 18 February 2014 ago, the US Secretary of State John Kerry also came • Foton Cummins. During a visit to the ISG Foton Cummins heavy-duty engines from machining, assembly and testing of the production line, he published at the scene stressed the significance of Sino-US cooperation on climate change reinforce the important speech. "I just visited this amazing facility," Kerry when the media gives this evaluation, "an important step we can take in as you did in the Foton Cummins, produce cleaner power. "


  In recent years, Foton Cummins represented to green energy development as the basis to establish a new international design, development, manufacturing systems, technology, quality control and other aspects, to play the advantages of "Chinese wisdom made", but also out a unique way of external cooperation.

As the world's largest, most comprehensive commercial vehicle manufacturing company, Futian Automobile rapid development in recent years has been concern. The Foton Motor owns two joint venture of Daimler and Foton Cummins Fukuda also because of the successful operation of research has become the industry benchmark and example.
Upgrading made emissions power giant green era
In recent years, with the emission standards for product upgrades and increasingly stringent, and green engines of large-scale application of the engine market is facing a "knockout." In the first quarter, sales of engines totaled 5,512,673 sets and 5,442,779 sets, the cumulative growth of 3.67 percent and 1.58 percent respectively over the previous year, the cumulative increase sales decline.
At the same time, with a higher technological content of green engine, supporting the market has become a major highlight. In the light field engine, because the product structure of the light truck market changed significantly enhance the proportion of high-end market, low light truck market economy led to sharp decline in demand watershed light diesel engine, the high-end engine products occupy a growing market share. Heavy machine in the field, due to the emission upgrade, in the past the mainstream products on the market all withdraw from the competition, environmental protection, to meet higher emission standards for heavy machine popular.
Foton Cummins ISF \ ISG family of products is one of the best. With emission upgrade, country, four of Standards, Foton Cummins competitiveness highlights, ISF engine with a compact, light weight, low noise and low emissions characteristics, can meet the Euro IV (State IV), Europe V (State V) and the European VI emissions standards, leading the pace of upgrading our emissions. The 2014 product market that meet the Euro IV, Chinese State IV and Euro V emission standards. The same platform, you can upgrade to Euro VI emission standards. ISG platform Cummins and Foton Motor, the depth of the chain together, for the first time to re-enter the main card user needs, custom development of innovative green heavy force. The Foton Cummins "green power" is the global mainstream enterprise product of choice for light-duty diesel engine supporting the Russian GAZ company, Volkswagen Brazil - MAN, Mercedes-Benz and Ford Brazil, South Korea and the United Kingdom Pekka Daewoo Bus, domestic JAC, heavy truck, Chery and other OEMs Equipped with ISF engine light truck, medium truck, light passenger and other flagship products.
Whether in light or heavy machine field, Foton are forward-looking perspective, grasp the pulse of the market. Foton Cummins joint venture following the first profit in 2012, rose steadily in 2013, annual sales of 101,200 engine units, up 34.43 percent, the sales income of 2.74 billion yuan. In addition, to benefit from the advantages of Foton Cummins engine assembly Foton-related products in 2013 sales (especially overseas sales) growth significantly. And in 2014, Foton Cummins Youyi over 130,000 units sold, achieved more than 30% growth. "Foton Cummins sales the past two years to maintain 30% to 50% growth, has become the largest production capacity and most technologically advanced engine business." Said Wang Jinyu, general manager of Foton.

In order to comply with the green trend, practice MidAmerican requires clean energy cooperation, Foton and Cummins started around green energy fruitful cooperation. April 8, 2014, Cummins and Foton joint development of clean energy GEP super power of the engine, the first ceremony was held in Columbus, Indiana, USA; also held there Foton and Cummins, Daimler together to create a clean super truck Auman GTL energy release ceremony. In the same year on June 7, Foton strategic cooperation with Cummins in the field of clean power again deepened. ISG Cummins heavy-duty engine production off the assembly line in Beijing, the two sides' Euro VI and LNG Clean Energy Technology Innovation Project "was officially signed. This series of strategic initiatives, Foton and Cummins is committed to another major breakthrough in Sino-US clean energy cooperation, opening a new era of Sino-US business cooperation in clean energy, climate change is between China and the US to deal with the practical example of business cooperation .