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Omar may be in the cards market downturn, an increase of 110% Why

Auto Parts Network, according to Xiao Bian understood that the first quarter of this year, the domestic truck sales fell 16.9%, but Omar brand has bucked the market trend, an increase of 110.4%, outperforming the industry.
Omar honors allow the brand to stand out from the industry. It is how to achieve such good results?
User acceptance is the most critical factor. Omar can all user needs as the starting point, profound knowledge, brand, product, marketing, service and provide personalized solutions and so have access to the user's identity, access to customer orders, "intercity freight expert" title to its name return.
High-end brands in the cards outstanding brand's first commercial gene reassure users
Fukuda is the first brand of Chinese commercial vehicles, Omar can be used as high-end brands in the cards, it has important strategic significance for Fukuda car, also won the group's attention, we have been the world's leading supply chain resources. Omar brand inherited good genes parent brand in the branding, marketing idea, coupling innovation and brand responsibility, etc., to maintain the traditional advantages.
Omar 5 Series is a joint Fukuda Daimler Benz of Germany imported advanced product development process, in accordance with the principles of standardization and modularity in comprehensive succession Omar quality of existing products on the basis of optimized matching design and plenty of experimental verification, which lasted a year and a half, to build out a product, and in technology, power, core components resources, distribution and service network with the advantages of integration of resources Auman.
Foton end of the card as a strategic product, Omar 5 Series intercity truck container products covered 6.2M ~ 7.8M, 5 to 10 tons carrying capacity, operating mileage of 500 to 800 kilometers, equipped with Cummins ISF3.8L flagship power , reached the country IV, V State level, to provide protection for the user feel at ease operations.
Chain together the world's leading supplier of high-quality products so that users of resources focused
Omar 5-Series products have savings, safety, efficiency, comfort. It uses technology to optimize the Mercedes-Benz chassis, modular design, the number of parts representing a decrease of 40%, with good stability and reliability; long life, leaf springs than any other brand thickness 0.5 ~ 2mm, the vehicle through CAE strength analysis 300,000 km full load reliability test, get Rheinland certification; product also features a new steel materials, strength increased 52 percent, while flexibility has also been improved, greatly reducing the ground impact, improve comfort; products with variable cross-section stress more leaf spring structure to ensure the comfort of the vehicle; wide cab widths up to 2200mm, large space.
Equipped with Cummins engine is the biggest selling point Omar products. The well-known advantages of Cummins Engine, intercity transportation and logistics will Cummins engine fuel efficient and durable features on its head. Although many competing products can also be used Cummins engine package, but Omar has obvious advantages and BFCEC close coupling relationship. Foton Cummins director Des Conlon believe, but Omar Cummins and strategic partners in the true sense. In the world, it is the main choice for many Cummins-powered truck, but the only one hundred percent equipped with Cummins ISF engine OEMs Omar just one. In line with Omar business development, Cummins will actively mobilizing the various advantages of the company's resources. Beijing Foton Cummins Engine 王宏忠 Senior Business Development Manager, said: "Fukuda Cummins and Omar business is unique, though Foton Cummins in addition to carrying on Omar also supply to other high-end light truck light truck OEMs, but it ISF engine From the beginning of development and can be used with Omar, a vehicle matching job done. "
ZF transmissions make Omar attraction to the next level, the original transmissions had not satisfied the user thumbs up. Mercedes-Benz chassis, Cummins engine, ZF gearbox, Omar may be standard in high-end card pulled again. Its quality has been at the Beijing Olympics, Beijing tournament three consecutive ring, verified APEC meeting.
"Province" is another major selling point Aumark 5 Series. Save maintenance costs, fuel economy, save urea, save time (high attendance). State IV emission standards have been fully implemented, Omar in card use EGR technology, without urea, for the user to save a lot of costs. Omar may be in the cards the most important core components for four years or one million kilometers long warranty, 20,000 km a maintenance, saving maintenance costs.
A user Dongguan area just T account, in terms of fuel costs: Omar can be compared with similar models, one hundred kilometers can save 1.5 to 2 liters a year to 100 thousand kilometers calculation, the price of diesel by 6.33 yuan / liter calculations. Omar 1 year can save fuel costs: 1.5 l / 100 km X (100000/100) X6.33 yuan / liter = 6330 yuan; in maintenance, Omar Fukang engine 20,000 km maintenance time, 5000 km of other engine maintenance a. With mileage to 100,000 km a year basis, Omar may only need maintenance 5 times a year, 20 times the other brands need to maintain, since Omar maintain long mileage, maintenance costs than other products, is about 700 yuan / time ( contains hours of work, materials fee), 1-year maintenance fee of 700 * 5 = 3500 yuan, the other brand maintenance costs: 600 yuan / times, 1 year maintenance fee is 600 * 20 = 12,000 yuan. Ouma than other brands to save 12000-3500 = 8500 yuan. And Omar 15 times less maintenance than other products, it is equivalent to more operators than any other product for 15 days. Profit by 500 yuan each day, 15 days can earn 7,500 yuan. Based on the above comparison, Omar year can save 6330 + 8500 + 7500 = 22,330 yuan.
A series of worry-free service to improve service standards in the ultra-high value card industry so that users peace of mind
Omar may be concerned about the use of the user's full life-cycle costs, and create greater value for users as their duty in the service, according to user needs, for users to create worry-free service solutions. Devaluation of the core components in the industry for four years or one million kilometers long warranty service commitment to lead the industry service new leap. Meanwhile, Omar also customized solutions for specialized logistics service users, and the implementation of "consultant + point system" type of customized service model for large customers, to appoint a consultant to conduct a service for each large customer a seamless connection to the location designated a local service provider to provide the best service point, and with service resource for vehicle routes, improve service guarantee. In addition, Omar country has more than 600 service network across urban and rural areas, more than 20 proxy library, providing customers with original accessories.
"Many customers may not feel, in fact, after the State IV emission upgrade, the most important elements of the 'national four 2.0' is the service." Omar Futian Automobile Group Business Director, Business Division, Minister Omar Gude Hua told reporters, in the future, "stall" type of service will be less and less. "Because in the country four times, for the country to four product troubleshooting, at least authorized and trained, it would be difficult to repair the vehicle."
According to him, Omar may have a new service system, namely five "worry-free" service: warranty worry, worry-free payment, network worry, worry and care accessories worry. Moreover, Omar big customers can also enjoy the "consultant + point system" type of service, in order to improve the timeliness and initiative of great customer service. Omar may take "door to door, point to point" approach, providing customers with customized and personalized products and services, ensure that the vehicle is easy to use, easy to maintain, easy to upgrade and easy to transform, for users to reduce maintenance costs of products to improve product value.
Gu Dehua to reporters a story. A place three different brand dealers heard a big customer wants to buy a car, all home sales. After hearing has been non-committal customers after the introduction of three dealers. Finally, Omar dealers and customers to do to win due to a professional logistics solutions.
? What kind of program it touches the customer Gude Hua explained that describes the benefits of this program agreed to buy the same brand of vehicle: first, easy maintenance, less maintenance and spare parts stock; second, Omar Available "point" service station, repairs and maintenance to resolve worries; third, engine maintenance, Omar but integrated solutions and unified parts, can be removed from the reserve and a variety of engine components worry Procedure . In addition, dealers said Omar also from the customer point of view, for the production of a unified body advertising, and other company logo, service and management. Such a comprehensive range of services, allowing customers chose to purchase the Fukuda Omar products.
Currently, from the terms of terminal services, Omar has more than 600 service outlets, covering all domestic prefecture-level city. "We want to be the first to create Omar 'national four 2.0 era', so that self-realization, to deliver value to customers. This is the core positioning of our products." Gu Dehua said that at present, Fukuda Omar may have been equipped a powerful country, four reserve forces and service support team. Fukuda Omar can have domestic light truck industry's largest call center, service network throughout the country, can implement professional and fast on-site service, to provide users with convenient and efficient after-sales service. Cummins Customer Support Director Ma Ji told reporters that the current number of trucks branded service stations basically no engine maintenance capacity. But in all of Omar service system, service personnel must have Foton Cummins, Foton Cummins Engine has achieved a 100 percent service station and vehicle bundle.
Omar the occasion and understand changes in market demand and respond quickly to launch electricity supplier specialized logistics at the closing near Shanghai Auto Show solution that is proof. As large customers, tact, in the pass, Shen Tong, etc. City Star, "said professional city overall logistics solutions, practice social value, boosting customer value, boosting Chinese city logistics leaps and bounds, so that the community, industry and users can enjoy the environmentally friendly and efficient transport brings value, "Omar 5 Series satisfactory performance card.