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Cummins new gas engine listing

Auto Parts Network, according to understand, the world's largest independent engine manufacturer Cummins Inc. recently launched the second paragraph of domestic natural gas engines --B6.7G, products for the bus market is the most commonly used of 8 to 12 m bus models development to meet the country Ⅴ emission standards, using the process will reduce the emission of pollutants.
As one representative of clean energy, natural gas has become the preferred raw power, natural gas buses clean energy vehicles in urban public transport system also will be more and more market share. To meet this trend, following the launch of the first Cummins engine L8.9G domestic natural gas last year, stepping up research and development work, B6.7G natural gas engines precisely tailored for the Chinese market is the most common of 8 to 12 meters of the bus.
For frequent buses started operating conditions, B6.7G well-tuned gas engine torque at low speed to reach the clutch torque 650Nm, more than similar products exceeded 15%. In addition, the engine power coverage from 190 to 255 horsepower and peak torque of up to 860Nm, and has a wide range of smooth torque, precise control with ECM knock control management system, which can effectively reduce emissions of particulate matter in the air.
"China's economy has entered a new normal, clean and green, the blue sky is the trend, the people want." Cummins, vice president and general manager of Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. Ning said: "The project is based on domestic natural gas engines Cummins mature production technology and platform, in China to achieve local development, local production, local services, which started to meet the country Ⅴ emission standards, further evidence of our 'technology pioneer, driving a green future' commitment. "
In addition to new product launches B6.7G natural gas engines for heavy-duty truck market, the big horsepower gas engine, Cummins also stepping up research and development.